Escaperoom ’t Snoepwinkeltje – Markt 13, 4651 BC Steenbergen

Are you escaping from ’t Snoepwinkeltje?

Technologically advanced escape room

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Escaperoom Steenbergen

In the 1970s, Torreke van de Velde runs his candy shop in Steenbergen. He’s doing good business, but lately he’s been seeing a drop in sales. Torreke has a fantastic idea to get everyone from around the corner into his shop. He recently watched the movie of Charlie and the chocolate factory and came up with a recipe for chocolate that Willy Wonka will be jealous of. Torreke has a big problem when Willy Wonka hears what he’s doing. He quickly travels with his Oompa Loompas to Steenbergen and places a bomb in the candy shop. Torreke has an hour to defuse the bomb and save his candy store. Who will help him with that?

Can you defuse the bomb in 60 minutes?

Then Torreke will certainly reward you for that! And of course you deserve the eternal fame, captured on a photo

Escaperoom ‘t Snoepwinkeltje in Steenbergen is suitable for groups of 2 to 6 people. Unfortunately, our escape room is not suitable for people in a wheelchair or for people with walking difficulties. We have different versions to play ( family- or adultversion) You can easily make a reservation via this website. We hope to see you again in our hall of fame!

60 minutes
2 – 6
since 03/2020

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Rules of the game

  • Reservation = Payment. Reservations can only be made via the reservation form on our website and are only valid in case of successful payment.
  • Please make sure you are present no more than 10 minutes in advance. Are you a little too early? Have a drink at café Het Hoofdkantoor (Markt 7, Steenbergen).
  • You can cancel free of charge up to 48 hours before the reservation. After that we charge €70.

Escaperoom Designer

Escaperoom ‘t Snoepwinkeltje in Steenbergen was designed and completed by Frank Kastelein. Frank Kastelein is owner of Ecape Room Designer B.V. and is known as one of the leading escaperoom designers and builders in the Netherlands. With his assistance, we’ve decorated ‘t Snoepwinkeltje in such a way that escaping becomes a real challenge.

Frequently asked questions

What’s the minimum/maximum team size?

Escaperoom ‘t Snoepwinkeltje is designed for a maximum of 6 people. 2 people is the minimum required. We recommend a team of 3 players.

Can you play with people of all ages?

We have different games for different ages: an adult version, family version, children’s version and youth version.

Are there any parking facilities nearby?

Within walking distance there are several (free) parking facilities, such as next to the Sint-Gummarus church (Westdam 83) or the Albert Heijn supermarket (Lindenburghlaan 1).

What time should I arrive?

Please try to arrive at a maximum of 10 minutes and a minimum of 5 minutes before your booked session.

Is it scary?

No, the escaperoom is not scary. Keep in mind that there are dark, narrow spaces in the escaperoom.

How long will the game take?

The game takes a maximum of 60 minutes. This time does not include the briefing and introduction beforehand and photo afterwards.

How can I pay?

You can make a reservation via our website and pay safely online with iDeal, PayPal or creditcard.

Is it possible to order snacks or drinks before or after the game?

It isn’t possible to order any snacks of drinks. Close to the escaperoom you’ll find several catering establishments. Café Het Hoofdkantoor is located next to the escaperoom (Markt 7).

Is the escaperoom accessible for wheelchair users?

Unfortunately, the escaperoom is not suitable for wheelchair users.

Is there a toilet onsite?

Yes, we have toilet facilities.

Can I cancel my reservation?

Up to 48 hours to the game, you’re able to cancel your reservation without charge. By cancellations within 48 hours we charge €70.

Can I pay by PIN or cash?

Reservations and payments can only be done by the reservation form on our website. Payment by PIN or cash is not possible.

Where can I leave a review?

Please leave us a review on Facebook, Google My Business or

Are there certain dress codes for the escaperoom?

We recommend comfortable clothing and shoes.

Can I safely store my personal belongings?

Yes, there are lockers where you can store your belongings (including smartphone). Phones are not allowed in the escaperoom.

Do I get a confirmation of the reservation?

Yes, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. Please read this e-mail carefully in advance.